Balint Alovits is London based photographer, born in Budapest, Hungary in 1987. He gained his Bachelor diploma in Photography from Budapest Metropolitan University in 2014. Also worked as a photo assistant at Flashback Photo Studio between 2016 and 2017. Currently he is pursuing his Masters in Photography at Central Saint Martins. His photographic work is simple, precise and airy and most of his projects are based on spatiality. These are the main characteristics of his point of view, both at a fine art and a freelance works. In 2018 his attention turned to Installation art and conceptual photography.

Photo: Marton Kecskes


2017 - 2019  I  UAL : Central Saint Martins  I  Photography (MA)  I  London
2010 - 2014  I  Budapest Metropolitan University  I  Photography (BA)  I  Budapest


2018  I  Appetite: CSM Interim Show  I  Apiary Studios  I  London
2018  I  Tate Exchange  I  Tate Modern  I  London     
2017  I  Time Machine  I  Code Showroom  I  Budapest
2014  I  BKF Degree Show  I  Bálna  I  Budapest
2014  I  BKF Selection  I  Gogol 9 Gallery  I  Budapest
2013  I  Budapest  I  X6 Gallery  I  Budapest
2012  I  Firsts  I  Hungarian House of Photography  I  Budapest
2011   I  József Pécsi Pharaphrases  I  A38  I  Budapest
2011   I  The Creative Promise of The Year  I  Millenaris  I  Budapest


2011   I  József Pécsi Pharaphrases  I  A38  I  Budapest  (Special Award)
2011   I  The Creative Promise of The Year  I  Millenaris  I  Budapest  (Special Award)


2018  I  Landscape Stories (blog)  I  Italy  I  Online
2018  I  Artwort  I  Milan, Italy  I  Online
2018  I  C 41 Magazine  I  Milan, Italy  I  Online
2018  I  Aint - Bad  I  Savannah, USA  I  Online
2018  I  Plain Magazine  I  New York, USA  I  Online
2018  I  Aye Mag  I  Montreal, Canada  I  Online
2018  I  Behance Featured  I  San Jose, USA  I Online
2018  I  We And The Color  I  Dresden, Germany  I  Online
2017  I  Octogon 2017/8  I  Budapest, Hungary  I  Online & Print
2017  I  Octogon 2017/2  I  Budapest, Hungary  I  Print
2017  I  Creative Boom  I  Manchester, UK  I  Online
2017  I  Design Boom  I  Milan, Italy  I  Online
2017  I  Plain Magazine  I  New York, USA  I  Online
2017  I  Graphisoft Archicad 21  I  Budapest, Hungary  I  Online
2017  I  Ignant  I  Berlin, Germany  I  Online
2017  I  Peta Pixel  I  San Francisco, USA  I  Online
2017  I  Architectural Digest  I  New York, USA  I  Online
2017  I  Yatzer  I  Online
2017  I  Daily Mail  I  London, UK  I  Online
2017  I  The Two Collective  I  Turkey  I  Online
2017  I  Fstoppers  I  Charleston, USA  I  Online
2017  I  Arch Daily  I  Santiago, Chile  I  Online
2017  I  We And The Color  I  Dresden, Germany  I  Online
2017  I  Artwort  I  Milan, Italy  I  Online
2017  I  My Modern Metropolis  I Los Angeles, USA  I  Online
2017  I  Fubiz  I  Paris, France  I  Online
2017  I  The Calvert Journal  I  London, UK  I  Online
2017  I  The Spaces  I  London, UK  I  Online
2014  I  Fotomuveszet  2014/3  I  Budapest, Hungary  I Print
2011   I  Fotomuveszet  2011/2  I  Budapest, Hungary  I  Print