Balint Alovits is London based photographer, born in Budapest, Hungary in 1987. He gained his Bachelor diploma in Photography from Budapest Metropolitan University in 2014. Also worked as a photo assistant at Flashback Photo Studio between 2016 and 2017. Currently he is pursuing his Masters in Photography & Philosophy at Central Saint Martins. 

Photo: Marton Kecskes


2017 - 2019  I  UAL : Central Saint Martins  I  Photography & Philosophy (MA)  I  London, UK
2010 - 2014  I  Budapest Metropolitan University  I  Photography (BA)  I  Budapest, Hungary


2018  I  Neo Norte  I  Fundación Cultural Providencia  I  Santiago De Chile, Chile
2018  I  Summer Show - Carrie Able Gallery x Float Photo  i  Carrie Able Gallery  I  NY, USA
2018  I  The Vernacular Of Landscape  I  Subjectively Objective  I  Detroit, USA
2018  I  Playground  I  Pegazus  I  Szentbékkálla, Hungary
2018  I  Appetite: CSM Interim Show  I  Apiary Studios  I  London, UK
2018  I  Tate Exchange  I  Tate Modern  I  London, UK     
2017  I  Time Machine  I  Code Showroom  I  Budapest, Hungary
2014  I  BKF Degree Show  I  Bálna  I  Budapest, Hungary
2014  I  BKF Selection  I  Gogol 9 Gallery  I  Budapest, Hungary
2013  I  Budapest  I  X6 Gallery  I  Budapest, Hungary
2012  I  Firsts  I  Hungarian House of Photography  I  Budapest, Hungary
2011   I  József Pécsi Pharaphrases  I  A38  I  Budapest, Hungary
2010  I  The Creative Promise of The Year  I  Millenaris  I  Budapest, Hungary


2011   I  József Pécsi Pharaphrases  I  A38  I  Budapest, Hungary
2010  I  The Creative Promise of The Year  I  Millenaris  I  Budapest, Hungary


2018  I  Subjectively Objective  I  Detroit, USA I  Print
2018  I  Format Magazine  I  Toronto, Canada  I  Online
2018  I  GUP Magazine  I  Amsterdam, Netherlands  I  Online
2018  I  Fubiz  I  Paris, France  I  Online
2018  I  Subjectively Objective  I  Detroit, USA  I  Print
2018  I  Marie Claire Maison Turkey I  Antalya, Turkey  I  Online
2018  I  Phroom Magazine  I  Milan, Italy  I  Online
2018  I  Noice Magazine  I  New Jersey, USA  I  Online
2018  I  Landscape Stories (Blog)  I  Treviso, Italy  I  Online
2018  I  Artwort  I  Milan, Italy  I  Online
2018  I  C 41 Magazine  I  Milan, Italy  I  Online
2018  I  Aint - Bad  I  Savannah, USA  I  Online
2018  I  Plain Magazine  I  New York, USA  I  Online
2018  I  Aye Mag  I  Montreal, Canada  I  Online
2018  I  Behance Featured  I  San Jose, USA  I Online
2018  I  We And The Color  I  Dresden, Germany  I  Online
2017  I  Octogon 2017/8  I  Budapest, Hungary  I  Online & Print
2017  I  Octogon 2017/2  I  Budapest, Hungary  I  Print
2017  I  Creative Boom  I  Manchester, UK  I  Online
2017  I  Design Boom  I  Milan, Italy  I  Online
2017  I  Plain Magazine  I  New York, USA  I  Online
2017  I  Graphisoft Archicad 21  I  Budapest, Hungary  I  Online
2017  I  Ignant  I  Berlin, Germany  I  Online
2017  I  Peta Pixel  I  San Francisco, USA  I  Online
2017  I  Architectural Digest  I  New York, USA  I  Online
2017  I  Yatzer  I  Athens, Greek  I  Online
2017  I  Daily Mail  I  London, UK  I  Online
2017  I  The Two Collective  I  Turkey  I  Online
2017  I  Fstoppers  I  Charleston, USA  I  Online
2017  I  Arch Daily  I  Santiago, Chile  I  Online
2017  I  We And The Color  I  Dresden, Germany  I  Online
2017  I  Artwort  I  Milan, Italy  I  Online
2017  I  My Modern Metropolis  I Los Angeles, USA  I  Online
2017  I  Fubiz  I  Paris, France  I  Online
2017  I  The Calvert Journal  I  London, UK  I  Online
2017  I  The Spaces  I  London, UK  I  Online
2014  I  Fotomuveszet  2014/3  I  Budapest, Hungary  I Print
2011   I  Fotomuveszet  2011/2  I  Budapest, Hungary  I  Print